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luxurious candleFind out what clients have to say about their experiences at this very special Redlands Beauty Salon:


Thanks for everything Jean – make up looked great!!! – Claire (Bride).

Many thanks for all you did for ‘us girls’, as I said, I have never had my make up done professionally and it was a wonderful experience … I felt so much better and much more confident during the ceremony and the following festivities! I will definitely do it again! Many thanks – Lesley (mother of bride).

I just wanted to tell you how much I love the make-up! Bitty Brow is fabulous it looks so natural. Love the lippy, stays on all day, mascara is beautiful. The mineral foundation it doesn’t need to be plastered on! It feels great. Thank you for introducing me! Oh and the eye serum is really good, feels like it is making a difference –  Louise.

I just wanted you to know how impressed I am with my (Jane Iredale) make up, it has stood the test of time in a stinking hot classroom and a team bonding (session of) rock climbing and bush walking in the heat. I didn’t get sunburnt on my face at all. The make up stays put all day and I don’t sweat it off! I am so in love with it, thanks so much – Sherri.


Had my yearly skin check this week. The doctor was looking at my face under the magnifying light and asked me if I’ve been having facials since I last saw her. When I told her I had, she said my skin is fantastic and I should keep them up! – Leah.

My skin is sooo nice … so much smoother and my makeup looks flawless – Kelly.

My skin just glowed after my facial spa treatment – I could really see the difference! – Janet.

I just ran into a friend who immediately commented on my healthy skin, told them all about your facial and Waterlily products – Julie.


Feeling heaps better! Thank you! was so relaxed all night, you have the magic touch Jean – Amy.

Thanks so much for the massage I feel like I’m floating and very relaxed, you are amazing – Lynn.

Thank you so much for looking after me so well with my massages throughout the year, helps me get through my hectic weeks – Liz (weekly massage client).


Thanks Jean, for a wonderful pedicure yesterday, I also love the moisturiser I purchased yesterday – Beth.

Jean is the most beautiful lady … she is professional and always smiling … she gives fantastic massages and wonderful pedicures and facials…. I won’t go anywhere else! – Kelly.

Your Turn!

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