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Let’s Talk Eyebrows …

To keep my skills as a makeup artist up to date, I often attend special training and have recently completed a two day workshop with the good people from Jane Iredale makeup.

let's talk eyebrows

One of the topics that came up, was what a difference well-groomed brows can make to our appearance.

Beautiful eyebrows not only frame your eyes, they give your whole face a lift, no matter what your age. No surgery required!

Shaping Eyebrows

Keeping your eyebrows looking their best will usually involve some form of hair removal.

If you’re not sure how to shape your eyebrows – I would be happy to help with a sculpting wax to get you started. Then, you can simply pluck when required to keep the same shape – or come back for a repeat wax if things get out of hand!

Colouring Eyebrows

There are many products available, specifically designed to perfect the look of your eyebrows – from brow pencil, to brow gels, and eyebrow kits. As a qualified makeup artist, I can show you how to use these products to make the most of your brows.

Jane Iredale Great Shape eyebrow kit

Alternatively, a brow tint (at only $10) lasts 3 to 4 weeks, so you don’t need to fuss with your brows every day.

Whether your eyebrows are bushy or sparse, I’d love to help. You can book on 0404 845 133 or simply complete the contact form.

Pedicure Season

Here in the Redlands, the cold weather is already becoming a distant memory and Spring is well and truly upon us, even if the calendar hasn’t clicked over just yet.

pedicure season at Jaibe Beauty ThornlandsAnd you know what that means: it’s pedicure season!

Yes, after months of being tucked cosily inside socks, shoes, boots and pantihose, it’s time to get your tootsies out on display.

If your feet are looking a bit dull or even scary looking after winter, a pedicure at Jaibe Beauty Thornlands is just the thing to uplift body and soul.

Your Spring Pedicure

Treat your tootsies to a luxurious soak in aromatic essential oils, before all those dead skin cells are gently exfoliated.

Your feet will be lavished with the attention they deserve, with a luxurious massage incorporating spearmint and gingko to soothe and revive.

Your cuticles will be groomed, and your toe nails shaped, before the hardest decision of all – which nail polish will you choose? A delicate petal pink; or perhaps you’d like to up the ante with vibrant red? Then there’s the glitter of gold, a soothing aquamarine, or a groovy grape. Which colour will help you start the season with a spring in your step?!

Book your spring pedicure today – contact Jean at Jaibe Beauty on 0404 845 133 or complete the contact form.



What to Wear to the Beauty Salon

what to wear to the beauty salonIf you’ve never been for a treatment before, it can be a bit tricky knowing what to wear to the beauty salon.

Here are some tips to help you prepare, so that you can gain the most enjoyment from your experience:

  • It’s a good idea to wear shoes that are easy to take on and off. You will be taking them off before lying on the treatment table; additionally, thongs or mules that slip on easily will prevent smudging your new nail polish should you be having a pedicure.
  • Wear loose, comfortable clothing. Separates can help you feel more modest if you are having a back massage or even a facial (as the treatment encompasses your neck and decolletage areas) – you can just take off your top.
  • Be aware that no matter how well you wipe your feet after a massage, they are still likely to feel oily when you leave. It’s a good idea to wear shoes that you don’t mind getting a bit sticky.

Other things you might like to consider:

  • Tying or pinning your hair up before a massage, to keep long hair out of the way of the massage oil.
  • No need to put on makeup and jewellery, as you will only take it off once you arrive (of course if you are already wearing them, it’s not a problem).

At Jaibe Beauty Salon, your comfort is paramount! Call Jean on 0404 845 133 to book your appointment today.

Shellac Nails for Staying Power

shellac nails for staying powerPerhaps you’ve heard about them before, but have been wondering: what’s so good about shellac nails?

The answer: you can’t go past shellac nails for STAYING POWER!

Chip Resistant Nail Polish

Shellac nail polish is strong and resists chipping – in fact, it’s guaranteed to last two weeks without chipping!

This can be particularly convenient if you have a special event coming up – imagine being able to leisurely have your nails done a few days beforehand, meaning that you don’t have to carve time out of your busy schedule on the day itself. Your manicure will still be looking its shiny best by the time your big day (or night!) rolls around.

At Jaibe Beauty, Jean is a certified Shellac (TM) provider. She also has a full range of colours for you to choose from – whether it’s a vampish red or a delicate pink, a bold blue or even black.

You can opt to have your shellac polish as part of your total manicure or pedicure package for just $15 extra; preparation and painting only for $25.

There’s no better time to display your fancy feet than the summer months – so book today and find out for yourself what’s so good about shellac nails!

What About Waxing?

waxingAs the weather heats up, so too does the demand for waxing, particularly for legs and the bikini area.

Clients often worry that waxing will hurt, or may not be safe, or have other questions …

Your FAQ about Waxing Answered

Q. Why is waxing better than shaving?

A. Because waxing takes out the whole bulb of hair (the root) rather than just cutting it off at surface level, your skin remains hair-free for longer – and when hair does grow back, it is much softer than razor stubble.

Q. Does it hurt?!

If you have an experienced therapist, using the right products, any pain should be minimal. For example, Jean uses uses waxing oil first, and applies a treatment after waxing to soothe your skin. Jean’s technique includes applying a gentle hand pressure immediately after wax is stripped off, to help ease any pain.

Q. Is waxing hygienic?

A. Yes, if done correctly. At Jaibe Beauty, Jean uses disposable wooden spatulas so there is no need to “double dip”, and waxing strips are thrown out after use.

Q. What sort of wax is used?

Jean uses Lycon wax, a highly reputable brand.

Find out the waxing services (including prices) available at Jaibe Beauty Thornlands.

Holiday Beauty Tips

Waterlily travel packSun, surf, sand – it all sounds great! But it can take a toll on your looks if you’re not prepared …

And let’s face it, the last thing you feel like doing on holidays is packing loads of beauty products – let alone going to the trouble of putting on makeup every day.

But you don’t want to look like a wreck either!

What’s a girl to do?!

With just a little bit of preparation, you can still look your best even while away on holidays!

Holiday Beauty Tips

Before you head off, it’s a good idea to:

  • Wax: Whether it’s legs, bikini area or underarms – or all three – waxing lasts far longer than shaving. And that way, you don’t have to pack razors and shaving cream, and can wear your swimsuit with confidence.
  • Tan: It’s much healthier for you to use a fake tan, and you’ll have that holiday glow even before you leave home!
  • Tint: Forget packing mascara, eyelash curlers, brow pencils etc – have your brows and/or lashes tinted and show off your eyes 24/7.
  • Polish: It’s called nail polish because it really does add polish to your look. And with gel polish, you can be confident your manicure and pedicure will be chip-free and looking good the whole time you’re away.

At Jaibe Beauty Thornlands you can take care of all your holiday beauty needs, with waxing, tinting, manicures and pedicures at very affordable rates, and great products including self tan from Jane Iredale, and travel packs from Waterlily (pictured). Contact Jean today!