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The Benefits of Massage

benefits of massageThere is nothing like a soothing massage to help you relax, and release lots of yummy feel-good endorphins.

But did you know that indulging in a bit of this pampering is actually good for your body?

Here are 3 other great benefits of massage:

  1. If you’re feeling a bit stiff and sore – from sitting at a desk too long, or a bit of gardening on the weekend – massage is great for improving flexibility and joint mobility, and relieving muscle tension.
  2. Massage improves your circulation, meaning that oxygen rich blood reaches every part of your body, giving you increased energy and vitality.
  3. It gives your lymphatic system – part of your body’s immune system – a boost, helping it to filter out waste from your body. (This is also why Jean recommends you drink lots of water after a massage, to help flush out the toxins that the massage releases).

It’s a fact – a regular massage isn’t just a luxury – it should be an essential part of looking after yourself!

It it’s been too long since you last had a massage, you can contact Jean now to make an appointment for your next health and wellbeing session.

Best of all, you can totally relax, knowing you’re in good hands – Jean has been a fully qualified masseuse for over ten years and combines the benefits of aromatherapy with her massage techniques.