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Skin Care at Home

skin care at homeAlthough clients often rave about the fabulous results after having a facial treatment at Jaibe Beauty, the reality is that for the best results, you really need to continue with regular skin care at home.

At Jaibe Beauty Jean uses the Waterlily range, because she is impressed with the quality of this Australian brand. As a skin care specialist, and with her intimate knowledge of her client’s skin, Jean can also prescribe the best products for use at home. This is a great service, particularly if you feel overwhelmed viewing the enormous range of skin care products at your local pharmacy!

Look Your Best!

Skin care at home should include daily rituals such as cleansing to remove dirt and makeup, and following up with toner and moisturiser suited to your skin type. And never, ever, go to bed with your makeup still on!

It is also important to exfoliate regularly to remove the dead skin cells, and reveal the healthy new skin beneath, if you want to look your best.

To make an appointment to discuss your skin care concerns, or to have a facial treatment, contact Jean on 0404 845 133 or complete the contact form on this website.