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What About Waxing?

waxingAs the weather heats up, so too does the demand for waxing, particularly for legs and the bikini area.

Clients often worry that waxing will hurt, or may not be safe, or have other questions …

Your FAQ about Waxing Answered

Q. Why is waxing better than shaving?

A. Because waxing takes out the whole bulb of hair (the root) rather than just cutting it off at surface level, your skin remains hair-free for longer – and when hair does grow back, it is much softer than razor stubble.

Q. Does it hurt?!

If you have an experienced therapist, using the right products, any pain should be minimal. For example, Jean uses uses waxing oil first, and applies a treatment after waxing to soothe your skin. Jean’s technique includes applying a gentle hand pressure immediately after wax is stripped off, to help ease any pain.

Q. Is waxing hygienic?

A. Yes, if done correctly. At Jaibe Beauty, Jean uses disposable wooden spatulas so there is no need to “double dip”, and waxing strips are thrown out after use.

Q. What sort of wax is used?

Jean uses Lycon wax, a highly reputable brand.

Find out the waxing services (including prices) available at Jaibe Beauty Thornlands.