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What to Wear to the Beauty Salon

what to wear to the beauty salonIf you’ve never been for a treatment before, it can be a bit tricky knowing what to wear to the beauty salon.

Here are some tips to help you prepare, so that you can gain the most enjoyment from your experience:

  • It’s a good idea to wear shoes that are easy to take on and off. You will be taking them off before lying on the treatment table; additionally, thongs or mules that slip on easily will prevent smudging your new nail polish should you be having a pedicure.
  • Wear loose, comfortable clothing. Separates can help you feel more modest if you are having a back massage or even a facial (as the treatment encompasses your neck and decolletage areas) – you can just take off your top.
  • Be aware that no matter how well you wipe your feet after a massage, they are still likely to feel oily when you leave. It’s a good idea to wear shoes that you don’t mind getting a bit sticky.

Other things you might like to consider:

  • Tying or pinning your hair up before a massage, to keep long hair out of the way of the massage oil.
  • No need to put on makeup and jewellery, as you will only take it off once you arrive (of course if you are already wearing them, it’s not a problem).

At Jaibe Beauty Salon, your comfort is paramount! Call Jean on 0404 845 133 to book your appointment today.