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Let’s Talk Eyebrows …

To keep my skills as a makeup artist up to date, I often attend special training and have recently completed a two day workshop with the good people from Jane Iredale makeup.

let's talk eyebrows

One of the topics that came up, was what a difference well-groomed brows can make to our appearance.

Beautiful eyebrows not only frame your eyes, they give your whole face a lift, no matter what your age. No surgery required!

Shaping Eyebrows

Keeping your eyebrows looking their best will usually involve some form of hair removal.

If you’re not sure how to shape your eyebrows – I would be happy to help with a sculpting wax to get you started. Then, you can simply pluck when required to keep the same shape – or come back for a repeat wax if things get out of hand!

Colouring Eyebrows

There are many products available, specifically designed to perfect the look of your eyebrows – from brow pencil, to brow gels, and eyebrow kits. As a qualified makeup artist, I can show you how to use these products to make the most of your brows.

Jane Iredale Great Shape eyebrow kit

Alternatively, a brow tint (at only $10) lasts 3 to 4 weeks, so you don’t need to fuss with your brows every day.

Whether your eyebrows are bushy or sparse, I’d love to help. You can book on 0404 845 133 or simply complete the contact form.