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Organic Body and Skin Care

Trivia Time: what is the largest organ in your body?

It also just happens to be the most visible one too – it’s your skin!

organic body and skin care products

Think of all that your skin does for you everyday:

  • It’s amazingly waterproof – the best rain coat ever made!
  • It acts as a barrier, protecting you from bacteria and other pollutants.
  • It stores water and fat.
  • It excretes waste products through perspiration.
  • It acts as insulation, to maintain your body temperature.
  • It produces hormones, and absorbs Vitamin D from the sun.
  • It acts as a shock absorber, protecting your bones, joints and internal organs.
  • If damaged, it has amazing healing properties.

So often when we talk about skin care, we are only referring to the face – but as you can see, looking after the skin on your whole body pays off as you skin is always doing so much for you.

Why Choose Organic Body and Skin Care?

What are you using to reward your skin? What chemicals are you applying regularly? Let’s face it, everything is a chemical – even organic body and skin care products like Waterlily.

However, as Waterlily creator and founder, Michelle Reeve says: “Everything is a chemical.  The question we need to be asking is who is creating them. My money is still on my favourite biochemist: Ms Mother Nature.”

So how is your skin feeling today?

If it feels less than its best, it’s time to give your skin the nurturing it deserves. That’s why I offer Body Exfoliation and other treatments to pamper your skin.

Call or SMS 0404 845 133 or fill out the contact form to discover the benefits of organic body and skin care for yourself. I look forward to seeing you soon!