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A Beautiful Experience

At Jaibe Beauty, it’s not about just making you look and feel better – it’s more than that.

You’re in for a truly beautiful experience from the moment you arrive!

A Beautiful Experience for all 5 Senses

  • a beautiful experienceSight – Nestled in a native suburban garden setting, the salon itself is decorated in a tranquil palette of blues and neutrals.
  • Sound –  An essential part of each treatment is the music designed to soothe your soul. Perhaps it will be birdsong or the ocean sounds, set against a delicate background of piano, guitar or pan pipes.
  • Smell – All salon treatments are based around the power of aromatherapy, which has been clinically proven to bring positive change both physically and mentally.
  • Touch – Clients often comment on the nurturing qualities of Jean’s hands in massages and other salon treatments.
  • Taste – As part of your facial, Jean will likely use the Jane Iredale sugar butter lip exfoliator (great for sloughing off dead skin cells), and the Cocoa Rose lip treatment from Waterlily – sweetness on your lips!

It all goes to show: beauty is more than just about looking good, it’s about feeling good too.

When will you book your next beautiful experience at Jaibe Beauty?!